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Zeruiah (Hebrew: צרויה, Ẓerūyāh; "Name means::wounded") (b. ca. Born::2902 AM) was a daughter of Jesse, sister of King David, and mother of three prominent officers in David's army.


granddaughter of::Obed
daughter of::Jesse
sister of::Eliab
sister of::Abinadab
sister of::Shimea
sister of::Nethanel
sister of::Raddai
sister of::Ozem
sister of::David
sister of::Abigail
mother of::Abishai
mother of::Joab
mother of::Asahel

Date of Birth

Zeruiah's three sons were all adults when David ruled the tribe of Judah as a separate kingdom and established his capital at Hebron. Abishai, the eldest, was probably twenty-seven years old at this time, and Zeruiah was probably twenty years old when she bore him. Therefore she was born in 2902 AM, a year or two before the Battle of Mizpah


The Bible mentions Zeruiah primarily as the mother of Abishai, Joel, and Asahel. Joel became David's chief of staff, Abishai became a much-decorated commander, and Asahel was assassinated in 2951 AM in the incident that provoked the Long War between the tribe of Judah and the United Kingdom of Israel under King Ishbosheth.[1][2] (2_Samuel 2:12-32 )


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