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Zechariah (disambiguation)

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Zechariah (Hebrew: זכריה, Zeḵaryāh; "Name means::Remembered by YHWH"), or Zachariah or Zacharias (whence the modern name Zachary) is the name of at least six men in the Bible:

  1. King Zachariah of the Northern Kingdom, son of Jeroboam II
  2. Zechariah son of Jehoiada, an important priest of the Southern Kingdom during the reigns of Ahaziah and Joash
  3. Zechariah, father of Abi and grandfather of King Jehoahaz I
  4. A named prophet and author of an important message with eschatological implications
  5. Zechariah, a New Testament Levite and father of John the Baptist

This name also appears as the name of:

  1. A son of Jehoshaphat, killed by his brother Jehoram