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Whitetip reef shark

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Whitetip reef shark
Scientific Classification
Binomial Name

Triaenodon obesus

Whitetip reef shark is a species of shark listed by the World Conservation Union as a Near Threatened organism. There are though harmless to humans and would rather avoid them in any situation then make confrontation but if harassed the White Tip Reef shark is known to bite. The white tip reef sharks flesh and liver is a delicacy in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar. Although some times it causes a type of ciguatera poisoning and also they can sometimes contain parasites like the white tip reef sharks caught off the coast of Hawaii.



The white tip Reef shark can grow up to seven feet but the average of these sharks are about only five and a half feet long and the average age is only about 20 to 25 years long. The shape of the sharks head and its cartilage structure in its face gives it a more disgusted face then anything else. These sharks have teeth, they are very sharp. It would be wise not to get bitten by these nasty sharks tricuspids. That would be quiet nasty.


The birthing periods for the White tip reef shark are different all over the place. In Enewetak Atoll the female white tip reef shark gives birth during the winter and fall months while in French Polynesia the white tip reefs sharks give birth in the warm summer months. During the mating the male white tip reef shark lies next to the female and to keep still and to hold onto her he uses his mouth and bites down onto her pectoral fin. With each fertilization with sperm the female white tip reef sharks can lay from one to five pups at a time that also when born can be from 20 to 23 inches long.


Sharks are found all over the world. The white tip reef shark is found all over the Pacific Ocean in a wide range of places from Sri Lanka to Indonesia, to Australia even to New Guinea. They also are very common in the Hawaiian Islands and down south west to Pitcairns. The White Tip Reef Shark is one of the most common sharks found in the pacific ocean, along with its counterpart the black tip reef shark and the grey reef shark.