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What Is the Best Evidence That God Created?

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By Carl Kerby (2003)

45 minutes (Jr. High - Adult)

The most popular talk by one of Answers in Genesis's most popular speakers! Audiences nationwide have been thrilled with this colorful, eye-catching presentation on some of the most astounding evidences of God's handiwork. The talk builds to an unforgettable conclusion: the life-changing truth that the best evidence is God's Word itself!

About the speaker: Carl Kerby has an amazing story. The son of a professional wrestler, raised in a liberal church, he was steeped in the ways of the world. But the Lord used a "chance" encounter with two creationist pilots to change his life forever. An air traffic controller by trade, Carl has become one of the most dynamic creation speakers in America, passionately proclaiming the authority of God's Word from the very first verse.