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Wayne Frair

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Dr. Wayne Frair has a Ph.D. in Biochemical Taxonomy from the Rutgers University, New Jersey. He received his B.S. in zoology from Wheaton College, Illinois (1951), and an M.A. in embryology from the University of Massachusetts in 1955. Dr Frair is a Professor emeritus of biology at The King's College, Tuxedo, New York City.

Dr Frair was the president of the Creation Research Society from 1986 to 1993, and remained on the board until 2004. He has been an active research creation scientist for several decades, publishing numerous papers on biological science. Frair is perhaps principally responsible for the development of the creation science field of baraminology, which is the study and classification of the created kinds. His papers on creationist taxonomy span 25 years with the first being published in 1967. His 2000 paper title Baraminology—Classification of Created Organisms was instrumental in defining baramin terminology that is used widely today in creationist literature.

Along with Percival Davis, he co-authored the book A Case for Creation, and was one of 50 creation scientists to contribute a chapter to the book In Six Days.