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Walter ReMine

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Walter ReMine in a ARN interview

Walter ReMine is the author of the book entitled The Biotic Message and is also known for advancing Haldane's dilemma which still hasn't been adequately resolved by evolutionists. He is a electrical engineer with a BSEE and MSEE degrees from the University of Minnesota in 1974 and 1977. He has studied in signal processing and pattern recognition along with a strong mathematical background which would later assist him in studying life's biological patterns and for recognizing their meaning. Walter's interests are in playing instruments such as the guitar and has a hobby in magic. His experience in magic has had dramatic impacts in dismantling illusions in the theory of evolution.

In ReMine's book, he argues that the evolutionary theory is unscientific because it's untestable, tautologous and unfalsifiable under evolutionist's own criterion for science. The Biotic Message has received some impressive reviews by notable people who have participated in the evolution vs creation controversy. The book then presents an alternative theory to evolution known as the message theory.

The Central Claim of Message Theory:
  • Life was reasonably designed for survival and for communicating a message that tells where life came from. The biotic message says, "Life is the product of a single designer - life was intentionally designed to resist all other explanations". The Biotic Message, page 20

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