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Scientific Classification
  • V. mongoliensis
  • V. osmolskae

Velociraptor was a dromeosaurid dinosaur that creationists know to be to have been created 6,000 years ago, but evolutionists believe to be 70 million years ago.


Evolutionists have recently claimed velociraptor had feathers because of 'quill-knobs'. However, if you were to study these 'quill-knobs' under a high-power electron microscope then you would find that they are found in other extinct reptiles, such as Leiocephalus eremitus, and that they don't actually show feathers and they are naturally occurring phenomena formed in Rigormortis. Atheists, however, are currently either unaware of this or are hiding it to prove their point.


The Velociraptor gained exceptional popularity in the 1990's by the numerous productions of science fiction movies such as Jurassic Park. However Jurassic Park's version of Velociraptor is highly faulty, for it looks more like the Deinonychus in size and appearance.

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