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Van Andel Creation Research Center

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The Van Andel Creation Research Center (VACRC) is a creation science research facility that was founded and is operated by the Creation Research Society. The VACRC was begun with funds from the Jay and Betty Van Andel Foundation, which also provided annual financial support to the Center. Jay Van Andel was one of the founders and owners of Amway Corporation. In providing the initial funds, Jay Van Andel said that he wanted to "give creationists a fighting chance."

Creation scientists desiring to perform research that could benefit from facility usage or support are encouraged to contact the Creation Research Society.

The purpose of the VACRC as stated on the CRS website: aiding the Society and other visiting scientists in their research efforts. The Society encourages a broad spectrum of research to develop and test a creation model, and administers a research grant program whereby modest funds are distributed to qualified researchers for the conduct of creation-related research.

Van Andel Creation Research Center
6801 N. Hwy 89
Chino Valley, AZ 86323-9186 USA
Phone: 928-636-1153



The Van Andel Creation Research Center is located on five acres fronting U.S. Highway 89, five miles north of Chino Valley, Arizona. The research facility is located near a variety of biological and geological areas of great importance to the creationist community. It resides on five acres in north-central Arizona on U.S. Highway 89, five miles north of Chino Valley, Arizona. The center is within two hour of the Grand Canyon, high altitude mountain communities, and Sonoran Desert Saguaro cactus communities. It is surrounded by the desert grasslands and a large number of interesting volcanic features and close to the heavily-mineralized areas of Mingus and Bradshaw Mountains.

The facility is equipped with a research library that holds more about 3,000 technical scientific works and 500 reprints. Those are not only for the Creation research, but also for the Evolutionary research. Because they have both information, they can research on their projects more neutrality and more definitely. They also have a publications building, so they can store their journals, called "CRSQ", creation books and tapes. The building have rooms for shipping, storing books and another large stuffs.



In the research center, there are lots of equipments that can help research about creation, so the people in the group can research or get information easier.

  • Astronomical telescope
  • Greenhouse
  • Publications building
  • Scanning electron microscope
  • Stardust meteor observatory
  • Hewlett Packard Gas Chromatograph
  • Various light microscopes
  • Microscope slide preparation equipment
  • Electronics shop (modestly-equipped)
  • Mechanical shop (partially-equipped)
  • Analytical balance
  • Lab rock crusher.
  • Centrifuges
  • Lab ovens