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Uz (Hebrew: עוץ, ʼŪẓ; "Name means::wooded") was the first son of son of::Aram, the son of Shem, according to Genesis 10:23 . He was also the brother of brother of::Hul, brother of::Gether, and brother of::Mash.


According to Josephus, Uz founded Trachonitis and Damascus in Syria.[1] Buz, a son of Nahor, married into this line (Genesis 22:21). He is called Bazu in the Assyrian inscriptions and settled among the Aramaeans according to Professor A.H. Sayce.

A place in northern Mesopotamia, where many of the Aramaeans were settled, was called Uz. From there they migrated northwards, giving their name to the Sea of Azov or Oziv near the Black Sea.

Whether any of the Ussuns or Uzuns, who were a fair-skinned, light haired people noted in ancient northwest China, is not known, but the similarity in name and physiognomy is inviting. There are none there today, having mixed with the local inhabitants or migrated to the Caspian Sea region. Certainly, the Tocharian speakers of northern China were very European in appearance.

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