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User talk:Jzyehoshua

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Please feel free to delete this message from your user-talk page after viewing... Ashcraft - (talk) 18:21, 14 April 2012 (PDT)


Glad to be here. I am all about sourcing and formatting, I make sure all of my facts are backed up with credible sourcing at all times. I look forward to contributing to CreationWiki and helping it be the best it can be. :) --Jzyehoshua 11:01, 16 April 2012 (PDT)


I tried emailing you twice and keep getting an error reply, does the email you have listed work? --Jzyehoshua 18:44, 27 April 2012 (PDT)

I just sent myself a test email and did not receive the error you describe. However, feel free to continue to use my talk page. --Ashcraft - (talk) 20:16, 27 April 2012 (PDT)

Alright, thanks for the reply. I will try from a different email program than Gmail I suppose. --Jzyehoshua 20:25, 27 April 2012 (PDT)

Edit conflicts

You generated edit conflicts on a page that was currently under construction. Note that time differences may exist between your location and the PST time stamp from the server on the recent changes page. Generally it is discouraged from editing pages that are visble on the recent changes page to give the editor time to complete the work. --Ashcraft - (talk) 10:43, 28 April 2012 (PDT)

Ah, alright, I will wait until you are finished then. I will try to avoid editing pages being worked on then, I hadn't realized it was considered impolite or problematic to edit as such. Sorry about that. I'm accustomed to finding pages to work on from the Recent changes page, as it's an easy way to see multiple pages displayed at once and information about those pages. --Jzyehoshua 10:51, 28 April 2012 (PDT)


I've begun work lately on an update to my 2010 ebook "The Zambrano Report," which I want to publish officially this time around for the 2012 elections (unlike the 2010 which I started too late and had to publish online). So that's why I'm a bit quiet lately. I got the software to continue work on it and am putting a lot of time towards finishing that. --Jzyehoshua 00:26, 28 June 2012 (PDT)

It's almost up to 200 pages and 70,000 words now. The first section has voting records for all Congressmen, breakdown of state by state political races, and analysis of all presidential candidates. The second section provides solutions for fixing the budget and bringing back jobs. The third section will analyze political issues such as abortion, evolution, immigration, etc. And the fourth section examines our political system itself, providing ideas on how to reform it and where political money goes. --Jzyehoshua 00:37, 28 June 2012 (PDT)

New Discoveries

I'm not really sure where to put these yet, so I'll just list them here:

--Jzyehoshua 20:32, 18 July 2012 (PDT)

Obama's lies

You will need to specify another title of this page if you wish to continue its development (Obama's administrative reversals?). There are many reasons why a person may say something that is untrue or that is contradicted by later behavior, which are not lies. We should take the position that only God knows the inner workings of a person's mind and is able to judge if a saying is in fact knowingly untrue. --Ashcraft - (talk) 12:07, 7 September 2012 (PDT)

Alright, understood. I'll go with your suggestion. I'm still of the opinion he's far too consistent in the behavior to not be known for his fruits but will change the name of the page. --Jzyehoshua 12:46, 7 September 2012 (PDT)

CreationWiki, the encyclopedia of creation science

Please keep in mind the Terms of Service you agreed to abide by. "The purpose of the CreationWiki is to provide an encyclopedic archive of information relevant to the study of creation apologetics." Many of your articles on political topics, particularly those related to the career of Barack Obama, do not seem to have any relevance to CreationWiki's purpose. Please review your contributions and nominate for deletion any which do not belong here.

Please make sure that articles you create in the future are related to creation apologetics; if the relationship is not immediately apparent, you should make it explicit. If you are looking for a wiki that would welcome articles on political topics without imposing liberal bias on them, please allow me to direct your attention to Conservapedia, which has a broader scope than this site. The creationist point of view is welcome there, too.

Thank you for your time and efforts. ~ Webster (talk) 07:35, 6 March 2013 (PST)

Conservapedia's level of bias makes it a joke. I tried to work with Conservapedia and the admins there are not very good, they ban anyone and everyone. I contributed a lot there and don't plan to make the same mistake twice. Do you have any serious proposals for more general wikis?
--Jzyehoshua 19:54, 7 March 2013 (PST)
That was a serious suggestion. If you don't like it, do some research on appropriate places for that sort of content. If you can't find what you're looking for, maybe you should start your own wiki or even your own blog. Your site, your rules. :-)
On the other hand, maybe if you stick it out at Conservapedia, even though it's hard, you can build up the credibility to help shape the community there.
Regardless, I hope you'll continue to support CreationWiki on creation science, apologetics, and related topics. ~ Webster (talk) 13:12, 14 April 2013 (PDT)
I am already a Moderator at Conservapedia. I protested their nonsensical banning and they weren't interested in doing anything about it so I left/stopped being active, simple as that. I don't want to cause trouble, it's their site, and it's over with. I still have my privileges there with the ability to block/unblock but it's not a good place for me and if I ever decide to edit actively again I will do so at Creationwiki, not Conservapedia, though I do miss the Conservapedia debate section.
I actually am working on my own project now, a personal site called Bereawiki designed specifically to address alleged contradictions in the Bible, although so far I've only refuted the list specifically. I'm adding other sections on evidence for the Bible, philosophical/ethical criticisms, and analysis of other religions as well. Anyway, I am staying busy, thank you for the concern.
I remain an admirer of CreationWiki and am happy I could contribute to the site thus far and if I contribute in the future it will be here, but I know enough that I feel I would like to produce my own site at the moment. Currently my only wiki involvement is with my new site - I feel it's very important to address the attacks on the Bible and my new site is devoted to that purpose. Again, my silence here is simply because I'm working on something else and frankly want to get more credit for my writing and research, not because I am unhappy with CreationWiki in any way - if I were I would state that plainly as I try to be straightforward.
Again, if I ever edit at a public wiki again aside from my own it will be here. I like the administration at this wiki more than any other wiki I've been on, and that includes Wikipedia, Conservapedia, SourceWatch, and Citizendium (and the last two aren't too bad but aren't Christian). I enjoyed my time editing here and if I ever wanted to contribute to a site I didn't own again this would be where I'd choose to do so. --Jzyehoshua 23:39, 23 April 2013 (PDT)
I just got quiet here because I was trying to write a 2012 book for the elections which I couldn't get out in time (should've tried contacting literary agents more than a month before the elections I guess, didn't have enough time), part of which can be seen here. Then I suffered post-election letdown. Now I'm working on my new site. None of that has anything to do with Creationwiki, again I'm happy to edit here if I ever want to contribute to a public wiki again, but right now I want to produce a personal site for my own reasons instead of contributing at a public site. --Jzyehoshua 00:12, 24 April 2013 (PDT)
I started work on a 2013 U.S. budget as well consistent with the economic paper mentioned to try fixing the U.S. economy but I am tired of trying to interfere with U.S. politics when people don't even elect good politicians, and decided God's Word takes precedence over our economy so I'm postponing that project. Anyway, I have a bunch of different projects ongoing, a book I can update for publication, the new apologetics website, and the budget. I always get a lot busier near the elections though because so much is going on and my involvement elsewhere suffers. I might edit here at Creationwiki again in the future, we'll see, I certainly don't plan on editing at any other public wikis. --Jzyehoshua 06:56, 24 April 2013 (PDT)