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Name: Todd Elder

Bio: As a child, my education came through the public school system where I was well trained in evolutionary theory. It was not until later in life, when I became more active as a believer, that the difficulties of reconciling the account of Creation in Scripture with the Theory of Evolution came into focus. I spent considerable time, measured in years, weighing the options and studying the science behind both concepts. It finally seemed obvious that creation was correct and evolution was wrong. Now I try to help other people understand creation in Scripture also.

Education: B.S. Degree from Kent State University, Ohio - Conservation Biology Major / Geography Minor

Website: Baraminology Quest Baraminology is defined as the study of Created Kinds. It explores the biblical classification of plants and animals and helps explore a creationist understanding of the basic concepts of life, the Creator, the Genesis Kinds found in the Garden of Eden, the Ark Kinds found during Noah’s flood, and the plants and animals found alive today.

Author: Created Kinds, Baraminology, and the Creation Orchard On the Origin of Kinds by Special Creation and the Preservation of Mankind by the Creator. Starting from the time of Adam, mankind has been describing and classifying his surrounding world. 'Created Kinds, Baraminology, and the Creation Orchard' is an introduction to the general evidence of the Creator, the value of life as seen through the Scriptures, and a scientific perspective on the classification of plants and animals based on the concepts of Creationism. The scriptural aspects of created kinds introduces the Creator and explores the differences between plants, animals, and man. It also examines the meaning and limits of created kinds at the time of creation, during the flood, and today. The scientific aspects of baraminology, the study of created kinds, explores the methods of delineating the created kinds, the amount of variation that can occur within a kind, and determining what those kinds look like today. The social aspects of scriptural and athiestic beliefs explores the implications it has on our stewardship of the world and decisions on what benefits or harms life. The Creation Orchard is a depiction and listing of the distinct kinds of plants and animals. It helps demonstrate the relationship between kinds and the species within a kind. It is hoped that this book will help defend the believer's faith from the modern day attacks of secular science and encourage the believer to build a closer relationship with the Creator.

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