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Hi, my name is Tom Major. I am a 21 year old college student, and adamant follower of Jesus Christ. Right now, I have a passion for learning God's Word and growing in a deeper relationship with my savior. I also have a passion for reaching out to the world through the use of wiki software. I am a server-administrator and webmaster or co-webmaster of some of the largest Christian wiki sites.


  • Homeschooled up till highschool
  • Attended the "Community College of Baltimore County: Essex" where I received an MCSA Associates degree in Networking Technology
  • Currently attending Emmaus Bible College where I will be majoring in Computer Information Systems (LAMP) and Biblical studies, and minoring in Biblical Languages.

Ministry involvement

  • Website ministry
  • Friday Nighters - youth ministry in Dubuque, IA
  • ECS Ministries -
  • Christian Web Foundation (I'm one of the board members) -
  • Two-week trip to the jungles of Ecuador this summer (2007)

Wiki community involvement (I'm an admin at the following christian wikis)

  • CreationWiki
  • Wikible
  • WikiChristian
  • Theopedia
  • (a christian site about mormonism)

I also do consulting for a few other wikis.