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I am a Young-Earth creationist and also a Wikipedia editor and I have done quite a lot of debating on Wikipedia evolutionary topics. As most readers will know, Wikipedia follows the NPOV on most articles, but when it comes to creationism, particularily Young-Earth Creationism, it has a strongly negative point of view. I'm still trying to change this and here's some links to the debates which I've been involved in:

I've been trying to avoid debating there, however, because the evolutionists are blockheaded and I have an extremely hard time staying calm; I almost always let fly with some angry comments while arguing with Wikipedians. I highly prefer CreationWiki to Wikipedia on the subjects of creationism, evolutionism and cosmology and every other subject that if follows.

I'm also a contributor at Conservapedia, but I'm dissatisfied with the lack of actual conservatives there, plus the constant vandalism and attempts to sway the site to be more liberal.