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Name: Oliver Elphick

Nationality: English

Born: 1952


I have been a Christian since 1974. At first I assumed theistic evolution and long ages, but later I came to realise that this could not be reconciled with the bible. For a while I believed the bible without being able to explain the scientific contradictions. Around 20 years ago, the book The Genesis Flood made me realise that it was possible to take a different view of science.

As to church, I left the denominational churches in 2003 and meet with fellow Christians in unstructured settings. See my website for more details and reasons.

I notice that you have been improving many of my posts. Thanks! Since English is not my first [or even second] language, I very much apprciate such help from a person for whom English is his first language. Thanks!! I am a native of India and my first language is Hindi and second is Malayalam. Dr. Johnson C. Philip 22:04, 31 August 2006 (CDT)