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To do list

A: work on New Age claims

B: Reply to objections

C: Improve Index of creationist claims

D: Write articles on archaeological processes.

E: Increase creationist credibility by putting more peer-reviewed material in example publication on creationist bios.

F: I starting writting a book called "How to Build a Megachurch: A Witty Satirical Guide to 'Christian' Commerialism".

Articles written

George L Murphy

Raul Esperante-Caamano

John Cimbala

Earl M.J. Aagaard

Jeffrey Zweerink

John Whitmore

Vestigial organ

Expanding earth theory

Dinosaur extinction

Scientists are pressured not to challenge established dogma

Damadian was denied a Nobel prize because he was a creationist

Scientists are motivated to support naturalism and reject creationism

Creationists are prevented from publishing in science journals

Do you want to be descended from a monkey?

Coral reefs (only wrote “Do coral reefs provide evidence for an old earth?”)

Springs of the great deep (Only wrote most of “Evidence and Plausibility”)

Radiometric Dating (Creationism vs. Science)

Flood Geology (Creationism vs. Science)

Introduction (Creationism vs. Science)

The Big Bang (Creationism vs. Science)

Oard's Flood Follies (EvoWiki)

Glenn Morton

Lenny Flank

Kevin Henke

Sarfati's Global Flood (NAiG)

The F. C. Kuechmann Collection

Flood Geology in Secular journals

Pisco Formation

George Dillman can throw chi (New Age)

Creationist Cosmology and Physics in Secular Journals

Creation in secular journal (biology)

Aliens exist (New Age)

L. Ron Hubbard was a prophet (New Age)

God is all and all is God (New Age)

Creation in secular journal (philosophy)

Creation in secular journal (banned)