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Nate Loper is the founding director of the Genesis Creation Science Institute ( which was started in 2009 in Los Angeles, CA and is now based in Flagstaff, AZ. The mission of the GCSI is to teach, train, and equip pastors, teachers, parents, and students how to present a clear understanding of Creation Science based on the truth found in Genesis and the rest of the Bible.

Traveling around the nation, Nate speaks at conferences and events in various churches, schools, and universities on a wide variety of topics such as Creation vs. Evolution, Astronomy, Noah's Ark, Geology, Dinosaurs and more. Nate leads numerous outdoor trips and tours to places like the Grand Canyon, Sequoia, Yosemite, and other national parks. His real passion is for "teaching the teachers" and equipping churches with an understanding of Biblical apologetics in today's world.

Nate also heads up the Genesis Creation Science Institute's Christian tour branch of the ministry called CreationTrip. They create and lead customized trips and tours through God's creation all across the nation and even to London, England. Visit them at (

Genesis Camp ( was founded by Nate Loper and is a creation science themed day camp for students, designed to teach them about God's created world and the scientific evidence for a young-earth creation. Over the years hundreds of students have attended the camp and have learned first-hand about the veracity of God's Word and creation through hands-on teaching, experiments, and field trips.

Nate is also a regular rim tour and river trip guide with Canyon Ministries ( Since 1997 Canyon Ministries has been providing Christian tours of the Grand Canyon from a Biblical creation perspective.


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