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Email Gil

I am a rather active partaker in the creation debate but still lacking in knowledge on certain areas. If there are any mistakes in my statements then please notify me immediately.

Books that are being read:

The Biotic Message by Walter ReMine (One of my favorite critiques of the evolutionary theory!)

Dismantling The Big Bang by Alex Williams and John Hartnett, Ph.D

The limitations of Scientific truth by Nigel Brush

Doubts about Darwin by Thomas Woodward

Darwin Strikes Back by Thomas Woodward

About Me

I'm a home-schooled 15 year old teenager living in California. Science and debatable topics have always interested me. My interests are primarily in biological science and i've occasionally engaged into philosophy. In forums, i've continued to have evolution discussions to further enhance my knowledge in this area. My sincere hopes that CreationWiki will gradually improve in it's own evolutionary process to defeat the lie of evolution.