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Understanding the Pattern of Life

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By Todd Charles Wood, Megan J. Murray
231 page paperback. High School-Adult (2003)
ISBN: 080542714-7

Understanding the Pattern of Life presents an overview of baraminology, a biological classification system from a Biblical/scientific perspective. This working theoretical model utilizes data such as biogeography, hybridization, Hebrew linguistics and catastrophism. From the preface : —“It has never been my intention to write yet another book about the truth of Scripture or perceived inadequacies of evolution. Instead, this book is an expression of my attempt, however feeble, to allow the truth of God to transform my view of biology. Rather than trying to prove the truth of Scripture, I assume it as a starting point. From there, I build what I believe to be a reasonable model of biology that fits both the facts of Scripture and the data of creation. You will find that evolutionary theories are mentioned only rarely, and when I do discuss them, I do so to highlight the differences between my ideas and the conventional view."