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Tourette syndrome

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Tourettes Syndrome is a neurological disorder producing behavioral tics that can come out in many way, but the most common are vocal: barking, crude comments, and other thing. Physical: twitching, doctors and scientists don't know of any cure for this disorder. Even though there are some medications that can help reduce some of the symptoms that some people can have, they will not cure all of them but they can help. Some people have tics so bad that they even go through surgery to get rid of them. Tourettes is not contagious but hereditary and is more common for boys to have it then girls.


The causes for tourettes syndrome has not been found yet and may never be found. It has been said that the reason for tourettes may be something in their genes that has been past down and that it is more likely for someone to get this if someone in their family has had it. It is also said that boys are more likely to got this more then girls. But not all tourettes involves all of the outburst, tics and all that you've heard of. Some people only get some of those symptoms very mildly like, some may only get some mild tics or they may turn out to be OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). And people that have it mildly may never need to get medical attention. [1] Researchers say that there could be something wrong with the brain with how it uses and produces a substance that sends signals along the nerve cells of the brain called neurotransmitters. But more then likely the reason for people that have this is because it was passed down but there is only a 50% chance that they would get it. Some of the reasons that people do have tourettes might be because when the mom is in the third trimester of her pregnancy if she drank to much coffee, smoked, or drank any alcohol. Low oxygen and blood, low weight during birth or any brain damages. [2]


Symptoms that come with having tourettes is divided into three main parts: motor, vocal, and behavioral manifestations. Even though behavioral manifestations isn't really considered one of the symptoms to tourettes its close enough because it includes being ADHD and OCD. The symptoms of tourettes can come in varies levels going from mild, moderate, and severe. You can figure out how severe the symptoms are by how much they disturb their daily lives. There is even a scale that can help figure out what type of symptoms you have : Tourette Syndrome Global Scale (TSGS), Clinical Global Impressions Scale (CGIS), The Tourette Disorder Scale (TODS), Yale Global Tic Severity Scale (YGTSS) [3]When people are having tics they may look like they are mild or moderate to one person but they really could be very severe to another. But it is said that when people do have tics that the reason for them could have something to do with stress or whats going on around them. Or vise versa were the tics could stop at those same reasons and also holidays or any kind of special occasion. The most severe reaction to tics is the full body movement, self – mutilation, and shouting but the tics may be characterized by the persons personality. There also might be some vocal and motor tics that might damage the persons everyday life when their older. Along side with the normal symptoms that are heard about tourettes there are some that are not usually heard of like being sensitive to heat. Someone with the right symptoms to this would always be hot, in cold weather the person would be wearing less cloths that someone would be expecting and in hot weather they would be boiling. Another is being sensitive to the light and being polydipsia and that's when you drink about 15 bottles of water a day. Sleeping disorder and Tactile Hypersensitivity - can't stand the feel of some things and when they see someone else scratch they do the some thing. The last one is Residual Consequences which is when they feels all these emotions.


There is no real treatment that can help cure Tourettes but there are some medications that can help subside some of the symptoms that people have. Pimozide- can reduce tics for a minimal time, side affects:muscular rigidity, drooling, fatigue, anxiety and restlessness and are generally short-term Stimulants- used for behavioral disorder and may increase tics Paroxetine- can reduce anxiety and tics, side affects:nausea, diarrhea, constipation, sleepiness, dizziness, sweating, abnormal vision and sexual side effects Clonidine- reduces blood pressure and tics, side affects:dizziness, headache, increased appetite, fatigue and insomnia.[4] There are other ways that can help other than someone taking medication if your not into that. It is said that tics and other symptoms can be controlled by stress and other things. Going to a psychotherapy is something that you can do to help make it easier to control some of the symptoms

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