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Thomas the Apostle

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Saint Thomas the Apostle
St. Thomas.gif

The Apostle Thomas by Diego Velázquez
Born Born::1st Century AD, probably Galilee
Died Died::53 AD, Madras, India
Venerated in Roman Catholicism
Eastern Orthodoxy
Canonized Pre-congregation
Feast July 3 and
December 21 (Roman Catholicism)
The 1st Sunday after Easter, October 6, and June 30 (Eastern Orthodoxy)
Pashons 26 (Coptic Orthodox Church)
Patronage Architects and India

Thomas the Apostle (Hebrew: תאומא, Tā’ōmā’; Aramaic: תאומא, Tā’ōmā’ or ܬܐܘܡܐ, Tā’ōmā’; Greek: Θωμᾶς, Thōmas), also known as Didymus (Greek: Δίδυμος, Dídimos; "Name means::Twin"), was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus.


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