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Thomas Woodward

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Thomas E. Woodward (Taken from

Thomas E. Woodward is a research professor and the department chair of the theology department at Trinity College in Florida and Christian apologist. He has written many books defending the creationist intelligent design theory and disproving Darwin's theory of evolution. He has been the director of Trinity College's Center for University Ministries since 1988. Woodward has kept a biblical teaching and following ministry and had been the head of the C.S.Lewis Society at Trinity College of Florida. Woodward got his doctoral degree in the Department of Communication of the University of Florida. His theory, which is the Intelligent Design movement history, was published by Baker Books as "Doubts About Darwin" in 2003. His book "Darwin Strikes Back," got released in 2006. His other book "The Mysterious Epigenome: What Lies Beyond DNA" in 2011. Before this, he worked with Crossworld, previously known as "Unevangelized Fields Mission International", in the Dominican Republic. He has a bachelor's degree in History which was given to him by Princeton University. He also has a masters in Systematic Theology given to him by the Dallas Theological Seminary. [1]



C.S. Lewis Society Logo (Taken from

Thomas Woodward founded the C.S. Lewis Society in 1975 along with other Princeton University students. They wanted students on the campus to hear Christian scholars explain widely concerning topics from a biblical standpoint. After years of success they decided to re-launch the church on the Trinity College of Florida campus in 1988 to explain and defend the Christian faith internationally versus only on the campus. Their outreach has focused mainly on places with a skeptic majority towards Christianity. Their main goal is to answer questions and prove that Christianity and God is real.

As a group of Christians sticking to what C.S. Lewis called "mere Christianity"-- the members and associates of the C.S. Lewis Society's first priority is to know Christ and make Him known. Second, motivated by the words of a philosopher-apologist named Douglas Groothius, they strive "to know the truth of the biblical worldview and to make it known with integrity to as many people as possible with the best arguments available." That quote portrays the main purpose of the C.S. Lewis Society, and their website,, supports that purpose. [2]


The Citadel of Apologetics - Thomas E. Woodward


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