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The Young Earth

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Young earth.jpg


By John Morris
144 page hardcover
High school - adult

The Young Earth addresses what is perhaps the premier question in the creation/evolution debate - the age of the earth. The two competing points of view are not close: a world as old as Scripture presents it, or one nearer the intimidating 4.5 billion years assigned by modern theorists

In this first-class, highly readable book, geologist John D. Morris (president of the Institute for Creation Research) explores not only the rocks themselves, but also the layers of philosophical thought that today tend to obscure observable facts in nature.

Scientifically and biblically, the evidence is overwhelming that our planet is not billions of years old. Read why the issue of an old earth has been devastating for the Church, and why compromise on this issue has rendered much of Bible teaching ineffective. This book covers a wide range of topics, from geology to theology.

Complete with pages suitable for making transparencies, The Young Earth serves as a handbook for those interested in studying the real history of the earth: past, present, and even future.