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The Family Illustrated Bible

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The Family Illustrated Bible.jpg
By Sally Tagholm
ISBN 9780892217045
Retail Price: $24.99

The Family Illustrated Bible The Family Illustrated Bible is designed to engage every age in the beautiful truths of God’s Word. This special Bible is packed with:

• exciting facts about the people of the Old and New Testaments • vivid, full-color photos and illustrations • detailed maps of the lands of the Bible • clear timelines • and a thorough index

Children will find each biblical account is easy to read. Adults will enjoy its beauty while leading their family in devotions. The Family Illustrated Bible is an excellent resource to establish the family’s foundation on the Bible. Once in the home and hands of inquiring minds, this Bible will not be ignored.

The Family Illustrated Bible was designed by Sally Tagholm, an award-winning author who has written numerous children’s books on history and animals.


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