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This table contains creationist groups that are headquartered in the United States. Groups with a main place of operations in another country should be listed here. For example, Creation Ministries International is headquartered in Australia, although they have facilities in other countries including the U.S.
Name Headquarters Outreach Creation POV Facilities
4th Day Alliance Idaho International Young earth
Access Research Network Colorado National Intelligent design
Affiliation of Christian Geologists None National Old earth
American Scientific Affiliation Massachusetts National Old earth
Answers in Genesis Kentucky International Young earth Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter
Apologetics Press Alabama National Young earth
Associates for Biblical Research Pennsylvania International Unknown
Atlanta Creation Group Georgia Local Young earth
Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences California International Old earth Educational facility (Berkeley, CA)
Common Sense Science Georgia National Intelligent design
Creation Association of Puget Sound Washington Local Young earth
Creation Liberty Evangelism Indiana International Young earth
Creation Moments Minnesota International Young earth
Creation Research Society Arizona National Young earth Van Andel Creation Research Center
Creation Science Association for Mid America Kansas Local Young earth
Creation Science Evangelism Florida National Young earth
Creation Science Fellowship Pennsylvania National Young earth
Creation Science Fellowship of Calvary Chapel California Local
Design Science Association Oregon Local Young earth
Creation Science League Texas International Young earth
Creation Studies Institute Florida National Young earth Creation Discovery Museum
Creation Study Group South Carolina Local Young earth Second Presbyterian Church, Greenville
Discovery Institute Washington National Intelligent design Offices (Seattle, WA)
Genesis Creation Science Institute California Local Young earth
Geoscience Research Institute California National Young earth
Genesis Proclaimed Association Virginia Local Old earth
Genesis Science Mission South Carolina Internet Young earth
Indiana Creation Science Association Indiana Local Young earth
Institute for Creation Research Texas National Young earth Offices (Dallas, TX)
Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness Center California International Intelligent design
Intelligent Design Network Kansas National Intelligent design
Intelligent Design Undergraduate Research Community Texas National Intelligent design
Interdisciplinary Biblical Research Institute Old earth
The International Association For Creation Florida International Young earth
International Society for Complexity Information and Design New Jersey National Intelligent design
Northwest Creation Network Washington International Young earth
Philadelphia Society for Creation Science Pennsylvania Local Young earth
Project Creation Tennessee Young earth
Promise Land Farm Ministries North Carolina Local Young earth Camp
Reasons To Believe California National Old earth
Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship Colorado Local Young earth
Science Ministries Inc. Virginia National Intelligent design
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