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Tas Walker

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Tas Walker

Dr. Tas Walker has qualifications in engineering and geology, and works full-time researching and speaking for Creation Ministries International (CMI-Australia). Tas is the geological editor of CMI’s Journal of Creation and a widely traveled speaker. He is CMI's main spokesperson on the contentious area of the Biblical Flood and geology topics. Tas has authored many articles in CMI’s Creation magazine and Journal of Creation (see below).

Tas Walker has a B.Sc. (Earth Science with honors), B.Eng. (Mechanical with honors), and Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering). He worked for over twenty years in power station design and operation, and in the geological assessment of coal deposits.

Tas Walker
Creation Ministries International
PO Box 4545
Eight Mile Plains
Qld 4113, Australia
Phone: 61 (07) 3340 9888
Fax: 61 (07) 3340 9889

Past Geologic Research and Activities

  • Geological assessments of mining proposals, including the geological assessment of coal deposits.
  • Investigation of the geochemistry of a layered igneous intrusion, focusing particularly on the behavior of radioactive isotopes in the intrusion.
  • Planning large hydro-electric development which required evaluation of geological conditions and their effect on dams, water reservoirs and underground power station structures.

In 1999, Tas became a full-time staff member of Creation Ministries International in Brisbane. His experience has helped him develop a geological model relating field structures with Biblical history. He has applied this model to the Great Artesian Basement in Australia, and along with other creation scientists is applying the model to the geology in other areas of the world.

Tas leads Geology Field Excursions in Australia for Creation Ministries International.