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Talk:Merneptah stele

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Israel reference in hieroglyphs - can be added back to the text if <hiero> is installed.

"Israel is laid waste; its seed is no more."
<hiero>i-i-z:Z1s*Z1s:r-i-A-r:Z1-T14-A1*B1:Z2s</hiero> <hiero>f:k:t-G36</hiero>[1] <hiero>b:n</hiero> <hiero>O1:r:t-N33B:Z2</hiero> <hiero>f</hiero>

ysrỉr[2] fk.t bn pr.t =f
Israel waste [negative] seed/grain his/its
  1. In the original text, the bird (a swallow) is placed below the t sign (a semicircle) but for reasons of legibility, the bird is here placed next to the t sign.
  2. According to Flinders Petrie.