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I've done some consolidation of the information in this article, as the same points were mentioned several times. I've been careful to not leave anything out except for one(?) instance where I believe that the information was wrong.

As part of this, I've also changed references to things that Menton is involved in to say that he has been involved in them. For most, the AiG biographies simply bullet-point list them as activities, without saying whether they are past or current. However, I've done a bit of checking, and found the following:

  • "Menton is also a consulting editor in Histology for Stedman's Medical Dictionary..."
—Actually, the AiG speaker bio refers to this in the past tense.
  • "He is also a Sunday school teacher for high school students."
—The article already said that Dr. Menton "held" (i.e. past tense) the position of a Sunday School teacher. The AiG bio is ambiguous, but I'm assuming that this was at the church mentioned (see next point), which appears also to be out of date, so I've left in the past-tense reference and removed the present-tense reference.
  • "Menton is vice president of a congregation of a Lutheran church in Missouri..."
—The AiG bio says, specifically, the "Congregation of Faith Lutheran Church of Ballwin, Missouri". I can't find this church on the Internet, and of the three Lutheran churches in Ballwin I could find, none mentioned Menton. I suspect that this information is also out of date (with the church possibly been renamed to the Faith Lutheran Church of West St. Louis). See also the next point.
  • "...and the president of Missouri association for Creation."
—A note on their site says "Ivan Burgener ... serves MAC as president of its board since Dr. Dave Menton and Walter Stumper left the St. Louis area to help staff the Creation Museum.".[1] So he is no longer their president, and no longer living in the St. Louis area (where Ballwin is).
—ICR is no longer in San Diego.

Philip J. Rayment 20:04, 17 December 2011 (PST)