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Talk:Catastrophic plate tectonics

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--KRiStA 01:51, 10 November 2008 (UTC) It is basically plate tectonics on over drive. It is based on computer modeling and provides a scientific description of the flood of Noah. It provides a source of water, describes the fountains of the great deep even if weakly. It also provides for the recession of the flood waters.

Its big advantage is that it fits in with standard geology better than other flood models. It allows standard interpretations of events like earthquakes and volcanic activity to be accepted. Unfortunately, it also renders it poor for making predictions different from standard plate tectonics, thus making it harder to test. Catastrophic plate tectonics is probably the easiest flood model for some trained in uniformitarian geology to accept since it simply requires them to speed up what they have been taught.

The main problem; with this theory is that it generates way too much heat, but this can be dealt with. The other difficulty is that it is too reliant on evolutionary relative dating methods. However, it has no Biblical problems, and is fairly popular and the difficulties are not insurmountable.

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catastrophic plate tectonics  ???

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Why does this article include a discussion on hydroplate theory? The focus should be CPT. --Nlawrence 13:21, 16 March 2009 (UTC)