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Journal of Creation

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The Journal of Creation (formerly TJ and Creation Ex Nihilo Technical Journal) is a technical journal published three times a year by Creation Ministries International. It presents analytical and incisive research in well-referenced peer-reviewed articles on many topics relevant to young earth creation apologetics.

Its sister publication is Creation magazine.


The Journal has had several names since first being published in 1984.

Title Years Volumes comments
Ex Nihilo Technical Journal 1984—1990 1 to 4 One issue every second year
Creation Ex Nihilo Technical Journal 1991—2000 5 to 14 Two issues each year to 1995, then three issues each year except 1999 (volume 13) only two issues
TJ 2001—2005 15 to 19 Three issues each year
Journal of Creation 2006— 20—


A one-year subscription includes three issues, delivered every four months.

Subscription prices One
Australia (Australian dollars) $39 $75 $105 [1]
New Zealand (New Zealand dollars) $59 $107 $150 [2]
United States (U.S. dollars) $37 $69 $99 [3]
Canada (Canadian dollars) $47 $89 $129 [4]
United Kingdom (Pounds Sterling) £22 £39 £54 [5]
South Africa (Rand) R260 R500 R700 [6]
Other countries (Australian dollars)   $46 $88 $128 [7]