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Swiss Confederation
Location of Switzerland on the European continent
Map of Switzerland
Location of Switzerland on the European continent
Location of Switzerland on the European continent
Flag Coat of arms
Anthem: Schweizerpsalm
"Swiss Psalm"

Patron Saint(s): Saint Nicholas of Flüe
Official language(s) German, French, Italian, Romansh
Demonym Swiss
Government Direct democracy and Federal parliamentary republic
 -  Water (%) 4.2
 -  2007 estimate 7,591,500 
 -  2000 census 7,288,010 
 -  Density 181.4/km2 (61)
469.8/sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2007 estimate
 -  Total 301,181,000,000 (38)
 -  Per capita 41,264 (6)
GDP (nominal) 2007 estimate
 -  Total 427,074,000,000 (19)
 -  Per capita 58,513 (7)
Currency Swiss franc (CHF)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 -  Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Internet TLD .ch
Calling code 41
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Switzerland (German: Schweiz, French: Suisse, Italian: Svizzera, Romansh: Svizra), officially the Swiss Confederation (Confoederatio Helvetica in Latin), is a landlocked nation of 7.5 million people in Western Europe. Its capital city is Berne.

Popular assocations

Alps, taken near Zurich Switzerland.

The flag and coat of arms of Switzerland is a simple white cross on a red background. The International Red Cross adopted this same symbol, with the foreground and background colors reversed, to signify neutrality in war.

Switzerland has, until recently, gained the reputation as the bank of choice for persons seeking to hide ill-gotten gains. But it is not the richest country in the world, by the measure of GDP per capita. That distinction belongs to Luxembourg.


  1. Switzerland, historically neutral, has not joined the European Union, nor adopted the Euro.

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