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Straw man

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This fallacy is where a person argues against an position similar to but weaker than their opponent’s actual position.


  • A person holds to position A but their opponent argues against position B, which is similar to position A but weaker, as though it were position A.


  • E. Creationists claim that species are fixed, but not only is there great variety with in species but species have been observed as coming from other species.
  • C: This is a fallacy because Creationists do not claim that species are fixed, but that Created kinds are fixed, with a great amount of variety within the Created kinds

  • E. Christians claim that their God is omnipotent. If this were true, God could stop all evil with the snap of his fingers and could feed the hungry with the bat of an eyelash.
  • C: Christians do not claim that God is omnipotent. In fact God himself says he cannot lie, break his own word, reward evil or punish goodness. Many things already constrain God. Because of his holiness, He is constrained from doing evil and likewise compelled to judge it.
Scarecrow, a kind of straw man

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