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South China tiger

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South China tiger
Scientific Classification
Trinomial Name

Panthera tigris amoyensis

Family of South China Tigers

South China tiger is an endangered subspecies of tiger known by the scientific name Panthera tigris amoyensis. There are only 20 of South China tigers left in the world, most of them in central and eastern China. Scientists couldn't find them in wild for 20 years. In 1970s, there's more than 4000 South China Tigers in the wild. But, Chinese government considered that they are dangerous animal for human. So, they killed so many South China Tigers during 10 years. [1] Males grow to eight feet in length, females grow to 7.5 feet in length. Males weigh almost 330 pounds, and females weigh almost 240 pounds. The stripes of South China tiger gives impressive appearance. They do not migrate, instead they stay their own territory to reproduce. They fight each other to take other tiger's territory over. [2]

Body Design

The Stripes of South China Tiger

There are many stripes on the South China Tiger's body and other tigers. The pattern of black and white stripes help the South China tigers to camouflage around the shadow of grass. Their stripes also can help tigers to hide on bush and tree. [3] The tiger, can be up to 11 feet in length, 670 pounds as weight. They have muscular build to catch the prey even though the prey is several times bigger than tigers. The female tigers are regularly smaller than males. Both of tiger's legs and the shoulders are very powerful because tigers are using them for catching and taking down the prey. Also, legs and shoulders of tigers can help tigers to climb. Both of the legs also give tigers ability to jump well. Tiger's eyes are also very clear. At day time, they can see something as humans can see. But at night time, tiger's ability to see something is 6 times better than human's. So that they can look and catch the prey easily.[4]

Life Cycle

Baby Tiger

What is the life cycle of animal? It is the stage that they go through the whole life of animal, from its birth to its death. Tigers don't set season for reproduction. They concentrate for their activities throughout the whole year. [5]

Before the baby tigers born, the female tiger gestate during 3.5 months. First eight weeks, they stay at hidden things of the mother, and then after another 6~8 weeks, the mother tiger produce solid. When the tigers born, their weights are between 780 grams and 1.6 kilograms. But, some babies were died by bush fires, heavy rains. After another 18 months, they can hunt without parents. But, they are staying with their parents during their ages 2.5 years. And then, they just leave their parents and make and find their own territory which they can hunt and eat animals to live. The female tiger's sexual maturity will be prepared between three and four. Male tiger's sexual maturity will be prepared between four and five, similar to female's age when the females reach sexual maturity.[6].

When the child tiger is born, the mother tiger protect the child tiger, or give food and water to child tiger. After several years, mother tiger teaches child tigers how to hunt the animals. After 2 or 3 years, the mother tiger leaves the child tigers, and they live themselves for whole life.[7]


The region that South China Tiger lives in

Tigers make their territories, when the neighbor die, then compete take it over. They fight each other for their territories, or females. They do not migrate. They need their own territories to reproduce and live. The female tigers, also have their own territories. When the sub-adult female tiger become a adult, then she take her mother's territory over. [8] Tigers do not liver in Africa, South America and Australasia. Usually, they hunt down the various preys to live. They do need native people because they usually lived with native people from Asia(Especially China). [9]

Most of tigers live in Asia(Southeast Asia, China, Korea and Russia). South China tigers live in China(Especially Central and eastern China). They live in trees, bushes, and clumps of tall grass. These things can protect South China tigers from sun, and those can also help them to hide when they catch the preys. They love water and they are very sensitive at heat. They can swim but they sometimes swim for catching prey. [10]


South China tiger hunts prey down.


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