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Sociedade Criacionista Brasileira

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The Sociedade Criacionista Brasileira (SCB) (english: Brazilian Creation Society) is one of the largest creationist groups in Country::Brazil. It was founded in 1972. It is a non-profit organisation, intending to publish literature in Portuguese on the controversy between Creation and Evolution.[1]

Name::Sociedade Criacionista Brasileira
Address::Shin Qi-01 Conjunto 05 Casa 24. Caixa Postal: 08743
 City::BrasíliaDF Zip::71505-500

Phone: Phone::55 61 3468-3892

Fax: Fax::55 61 3468-3892
Website: Web site::



In 1972, when the society was founded, it was strictly founded on the revelation given in the Bible, and began publishing the journal, the "Folha Criacionista". In 2002, the "Folha Criacionista" was replaced by the magazine "Revista Criacionista". Publications were also launched aimed at elementary school students: "De Olho nas Origens 1" (Keeping an eye on origins 1) and "De Olho nas Origens 2" (Keeping an eye on origins 2), for students from first to fourth grade and fifth to eighth grade, respectively. In 2011 the society celebrated its 40th anniversary. At the time, the mathematician Orlando Rubem Ritter, pioneer of creationism in Brazil, was honored.

Administrative Officers

The officers for Administration are as follows:

President: Ruy Carlos de Camargo Vieira
Executive Director: Rui Corrêa Vieira
Vice-President: Rubens Crivellaro
Secretary:Hipólito Gadelha Remígio


  • Revista Criacionista (Creationist Magazine) – two issues a year
  • Ciência das Origens (Science of Origins) – three issues a year;
  • De Olho nas Origens 1 e 2 (With an Eye on Origins 1 and 2) – three issues a year.