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Slaughter of the Dissidents

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By Jerry Bergman
Pub Date: 2008
ISBN: 978-0-9818734-0-4
477 page paperback

Slaughter of the Dissidents exposes how the careers of Darwin skeptics are being brutally attacked and destroyed in many academic institutions throughout America. Dr. Jerry Bergman carefully documents the discrimination, bigotry, prejudice, and tactics used against students, professors, and others who dare to question various aspects of Darwinian evolution.

If you appreciated the movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, this book picks up where the film left off. Slaughter of the Dissidents is a wake-up call for those who are interested in freedom.



John Woodmorappe wrote the following review of Slaughter of the Dissidents:

Systematic Discrimination against Those Who Question Darwin

Any reader of this book, who has an ounce of objectivity, will be shocked at the extent that discrimination that takes place against those who question Darwin. This is hardly limited to anti-Christian bigotry. Secular critics of Darwin also encounter discrimination. It is not a matter of the victims being required to demonstrate an understanding of evolution: It is a matter of them being forced to believe it. Nor is it a matter of them teaching “religion” in the science classroom: Mere suspicion or accusation of them having done so is sufficient for termination.

Bergman carefully describes the evolutionary establishment’s discrimination against biology teacher Roger DeHart, tenured professor Dean Kenyon, science teacher Ray Webster, biology teachers Rodney LaVake and Larry Booher, science teacher Nancy Bryson, biology teacher Caroline Crocker, biology professor Dan Scott, MRI-inventor Raymond Damadian, astronomy professor Guillermo Gonzales, and others.

Those who discriminate usually find some other pretext for their acts. Bergman refutes these, showing that those who lost their positions usually had exemplary qualifications and achievements. Some evolutionists are so arrogant in their disdain of those who disagree with them that they consider anyone “incompetent” who disagrees with evolution. One wonders how they would feel if the powers-that-be deemed them “incompetent”, and acted accordingly.

There are a number of factors behind all of the discrimination. For one thing, the media is not hostile towards discrimination against Darwin doubters the way it is hostile towards discrimination against minority groups, homosexuals, etc. Second, those who discriminate do so because they know they can get away with it. One of the reasons is the fact that courts are reluctant to get involved in tenure decisions. Also, the courts appear to be more sympathetic towards the protection of free-speech rights of those who reject religion than to those who are seen as supporting it. Finally, the apathy of most Christian organizations emboldens those who discriminate against Christians.

Bergman scrupulously documents his contentions. Owing to the fact that discrimination is an ongoing process, he provides a website that updates the situation. It is at [1]

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  1. Posted as per a request by John Woodmorappe