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Seyfert galaxy

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Seyfert galaxy NGC 7319[1]

The Seyfert galaxies are galaxies which features having a bright central stellar core point, around 1036 to 1038 W, and a spectrum showing emission lines[2] that are of high ionization.[3] The Seyfert galaxies are named after Carl Seyfert, who discovered them in 1943.


Based on its spectrum, Seyfert galaxies are classified as type 1 or 2. Galaxies of type 1 has both lines allowed as H, He I and He II and narrower forbidden lines as for instance O III.[4] In type 1 permitted lines are much broader than the forbidden lines (equivalent to a velocity of 104 km/s−1 ) whereas type 2 are similar and narrower (< 103 km/s−1).[2] Seyferts galaxies of type 1 have spectra very similar to quasars.[3]


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