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Seqenenre Tao was the second last pharaoh of the 17th dynasty based in Thebes, Upper Egypt. He is credited with having started the rebellion that lead to eviction of the Hyksos who had occupied Lower Egypt for the previous 4 centuries, demanding tribute from the Pharaohs of Upper Egypt and the Nomarchs of Lower Egypt.

The Hyksos were nomadic shepherds who were able to invade and take control of Lower Egypt with almost no resistance shortly after the Exodus. The deserted town of Tel ed Daba where the Israelites previously lived, became their base. The Hyksos built a fort at Tel ed Daba renamed it Avaris.

Sequenre Tao was taken to Avaris and tortured and killed by the Hyksos king Apopi I (also called Apophis). He seems to have only ruled for a few years towards the end of the second intermediate period.

Seqeenre Tao's sons, Kahmose and Ahmose I, and his wife Ahhotep continued to lead the resistance against the Hyksos after his death. Eventually, the Hyksos were driven out of Egypt, but not before the death of Kahmose who only reigned for 5 years. Ahmose I is generally credited with having evicting the Hyksos from the country albeit while he was co-regent with his mother Ahhotep.

Mummified head of Seqenenre depicting his battlewounds


Timeline showing the Synchrony between Israel and Egypt from the end of the Second intermediate period to Thutmose III who was the Shishak of the Bible.
A schematic diagram illustrating the relationship between the Egyptian Kingdoms and dynasties and the various phases of Israel as the Israelites grew to be a nation while they were in Egypt and then traveled to the promised land where they were ruled initially by Judges and later by Kings. The nation of Israel became divided into North (Israel) and South (Judah) after Solomon. There was no first intermediate period.

Timeline from Noah to Christ with important landmarks in the Biblical Chronology (long sojourn) aligned with the Revised Egyptian Chronology of David Down.