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At least three definitions are required to include all those who are commonly thought of as scientists:

  1. A person who, through study, is an expert in one or more sciences
  2. A person who, through theoretical or experimental evaluation, contributes to scientific knowledge
  3. A person who completes formal education in one or more science disciplines and who either continues study beyond standard training, or works in a field requiring expert knowledge of a science.

The second definition is most useful for historical persons whose contributions to science have been evaluated over time. The third definition is commonly used for contemporary persons, but it excludes those like Thomas Edison, whose scientific contributions have been established but who never received a science degree from an accredited college or university.

A fourth definition applies to those whose works have not been evaluated or deemed significant to the general progress of scientific knowledge: A person who applies scientific methods to gain greater knowledge or understanding.

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Secular Scientists Creation Scientists
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Historical Scientists

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The following people are modern day advocates of creation science who have one or more graduate degrees in a science discipline.

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