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Sea salt
A close up of salt crystals.

A salt is a type of chemical compound that forms from charged atoms (ions), and are thus called called ionic compounds. Salts form through an acid-base neutralization reaction.[1] The hydrogen ion of the acid reacts with the hydroxide ion of the base to make water. The leftover anion of the acid and cation of the base can stay in solution, or combine to form a precipitate. This leftover anion-cation pair is called a salt. Salts are normally ionic (formed from positive and negative ions).

Some important salts are Table salt, Sodium Bisulfate, and Sea salt. They are three very important salts that can be used in many ways to benefit us. Common table salt, which is called salt in everyday life, is sodium chloride.[2] There aren't many foods without table salt that are delicious to eat. Table salt can also help us heal bug bites and can also kill creatures too. Sodium bisulfate can help us by clean toilets and helping us clean swimming pools and wool. Sodium Bisulfate can also treat ammonia that are in animals. Sea salt can help us by helping out our skin and making our skin healthier and better looking. We can get rid of fungus and dandruff and keep our skin protected. There are many sea salt skin care products to keep our skin safe and healthy.

Salt can cause health issues too. If you consume too much table salt, your high blood pressure may get too high and could cause strokes, heart attacks or even heart failure. Too much table salt can also cut off the blood stream and make you lose a lot of blood cells in your brain. Another health problem for table salt is that you could get stomach cancer if you digest too much table salt. There are many more health problems that you could get if you eat too much table salt. There aren't that many problems for sodium bisulfate and you can easily keep yourself protected. Just make sure you keep your whole body and your eyes protected from the sodium bisulfate acid. Sea salt kind of has the same problem as table salt where you could get diseases and many problems in your heart if you consume too much.

Important Salts

Table salt

Using salt to make food better

Table salt is sodium chloride (NaCl). Salt is helpful in many situations. One way we can use salt is, to help us cook better food. Our food could easily become way more delicious if we add a little bit of salt. Adding a little pinch of salt can help us get rid of the bitterness in our food or drink. Salt can also help make our food more sweet. If the food has both bitter and sweet tastes, that could make the food way more delicious and satisfying to eat. Also, salt can help the aroma in food. Aroma means that, the food smells really good. Salt can help the food have way better smell than it already does. [3]

We can use salt in many different ways that can help us and make our lives way easier. An example would be, if someone got stung by a bee or got a bug bite, they could use salt to help them heal. Also, salt can help you clean many different things such as, your refrigerator, glass, pans, vase, flowers, stains, fish tank and many more. Also, salt can help you cook your food faster while also enhancing the flavor. The salt will make the water boil faster, which makes the cooking time less. Salt can also be used when snails and slugs are in your backyard. Once you put some salt on them, the little creatures will die. Another great way to use salt is to get rid of any dandruff you have. Salt can keep your skin nice and soft as well. [4]

Table salt may help us in our lives but salt can also be dangerous for us too. Salt can be dangerous when we consume too much of it. Salt raises up our blood pressure and can cause strokes, heart attacks, and heart failure. You can get a stroke because the salt cuts off the blood supply to the brain which kills the brain cells. Also, if you digest too much salt, you could risk getting stomach cancer. You could also get kidney disease, obesity and asthma if you digest too much salt.[5]

Sodium Bisulfate

Sodium Bisulfate crystals

Sodium bisulfate is a dry acid that is a crystal like powder. Sodium bisulfate is also a soluble in water and turns yellow. The solutions of the sodium bisullfate can be really acidic and corrosive. Sodium bisulfate can be used as a replacement for an acid called, sulfuric acid. There are many uses for sodium bisulfate, such as cleaning your house and also cleaning your toilet. You can also clean industries or breweries. Sodium bisulfate can also reduce the pH in the swimming pools and keep the swimming pool safer for us to use. Sodium bisulfate can also be used to polish and grind glass to keep them clean. Also, they can bleach and dye wool to keep your wool clean. Sodium bisulfate can also be used to reduce and treat ammonia that is in the animals, and they also can help with the flies too.

One health issue associated with sodium bisulfate occurs when the acid gets into your eyes. If you let the acid go into your eye, you will have problems and could potentially become blind. If however, you let the acid get into your eye, you need to immediately rinse your eye with water and call a doctor for medical advice straight away. Another health issue is to not let any of the sodium bisulfate acid get on your skin at all. It isn't healthy for your skin to be exposed with the sodium bisulfate acid so call a doctor for medical advice right away if that ever happens. Be very careful if you come in contact with sodium bisulfate acid and remember to always use gloves and goggles to keep your body and your eyes safe from the acid. [6]

Sea Salt

Some Sea Salt Products for your skin

Sea Salt contains many minerals such as, magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium. All of those combine can help your skin's health and appearance. There are many sea salt products that can help your skin. Some ways to help your skin out by using sea salt is by taking a nice bathe inside a nice sea salt bath. The salt water can help your skin by increasing the protection barrier part of the skin and making it stronger. Usually, your skin will wrinkle up in water in about 10 or so minutes but if you bathe in sea salt water, you won't get wrinkles and you can enjoy your bathes even more. All you have to do is have a tub full of warm water and sprinkle one-third of a cup in the warm water. Another way to use sea salt is to use it to clean your hair. You can use sea salt to get rid of any dandruff or things you wouldn't want to have on your hair. You can not only get rid of dandruff, but you can also kill any fungus or prevent any fungus from growing on your hair. All you have to do is sprinkle some salt on your scalp and gently massage your scalp for around 10 to 15 minutes and the dandruff or fungus will be gone. [7]


What is a salt?


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