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Russell Grigg

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Russell Grigg

Russell M. Grigg (1927—) is or has been a scientist, creationist, editor, and missionary. He was born in Auckland, New Zealand. He attended Victoria University College in Wellington, New Zealand (now known as Victoria University of Wellington), where he studied Chemistry [1] He worked as the chemist for a number of years, then as a manager of a paint factory.

Grigg then studied theology at the New Zealand Bible Training Institute (now called Laidlaw College). In 1959, after he finished studying, he went to Indonesia for twelve years with the Overseas Missionary Fellowship, where he was both in charge of OMF's publishing program and met and married Merle Cornelius of Adelaide, South Australia, who was also in Indonesia with OMF.

Leaving missionary work in 1971, he moved to Adelaide, where he worked at an Australian publishing company for ten years, finishing up as one of their senior editors. While there, he wrote two books: Australian Trains and Death in the Family: What to Do[1]

In 1982 Grigg returned to OMF, serving as their State Director for South Australia.[2] During this time he came across Creation Ex Nihilo (now Creation), and decided that he could help with it.

When Dr. Duane Gish came to Australia in 1988, Grigg and Peter Sparrow wanted to arrange a debate. However, nobody from any university was willing to take part, so Grigg changed his plan. His idea was that Dr. Gish would put the case for Creation in the first hour, and then the case against evolution in the second hour. In other words, Dr. Gish was 'debating' by himself. Members of the Christian body, Students for Christ, supported Grigg’s idea; they put up posters and gave pamphlets to people at the university. When Dr. Gish's lecture was held, a large audience comfortably filled the lecture theatre.

Grigg moved to Brisbane, Queensland, in 1990, where he joined Creation Ministries International (publisher of Creation), and has written many articles for Creation, as well as editing and reviewing other articles for the magazine and reviewing other creationist material.

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Athletic Achievements

Despite his age, and despite having to wear a colostomy bag (a result of bowel cancer in 1975), Grigg is a healthy and active person. He has competed in the 11th Oceania Veterans Athletics Championships in Geelong, Victoria, the Asia Pacific Masters Games on the Gold Coast (Queensland), and the World Masters Games in Melbourne, all in 2002, winning three medals at the former seven at the second, including two gold and two silver medals, and two at the last.[3] To date (early 2012), he has won 130 medals at various Masters Athletics championships in Australia.

The Da Vinci Code

One of Grigg's articles is a review of The Da Vinci Code movie, which was based on the novel of the same name by Dan Brown. In it, he pointed out some of the factually-incorrect information presented in the book, as well as some of the reaction by others, including audience laughter at the claim that one of the main character, Sophie, is the descendant of Jesus and Virgin Mary.

At the end of the article, Grigg said “…Christians would do well to equip themselves with correct information to engage in dialogue with both readers and viewers.”[4]



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