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Rulers of Assyria

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Herewith a list of known rulers of Assyria. All rulers of Assyria carried the title of "King of Assyria" except where noted.

Ruler Conventional Date Ussher Date
Irishum, Patesi of Assyria ca. 2000 BC (not mentioned)
Samsi-Adad, Patesi of Assyria About 1700 BC (not mentioned)
Pudi-Ilu ca. 1350 BC (not mentioned)
Adad-Nirari I ca. 1325 BC (not mentioned)
Shalmaneser I ca. 1300 BC (not mentioned)
Tukulti-Ninib I ca. 1275 BC (not mentioned)
Ashur-Resh-Ishi ca. 1140 BC (not mentioned)
Tiglath-Pileser I ca. 1100 BC (not mentioned)
Shamshi-Adad I ca. 1080 BC (not mentioned)
Ashur-Bel-Kala ca. 1080 BC (not mentioned)
Adad-Nirari II 911-890 BC (not mentioned)
Ashur-Nasir-Pal II 885-860 BC (not mentioned)
Shalmaneser III 858-823 BC (not mentioned)
Shamshi-Adad V 823-811 BC (not mentioned)
Adad-nirari III 811-783 BC (not mentioned)
Shalmaneser IV 783-773 BC (not mentioned)
Ashur-Dan III 773-755 BC 809-767 BC; alternative names "Anabaxares" and "Pul"
Ashur-nirari V 755-745 BC 767-747 BC; alternative name "Sardanapalus"
Tiglath-Pileser III 745-725 BC 747-728 BC; alternative name "Ninus the Younger"
Shalmaneser V 725-722 BC 728-717 BC
Sargon II 722-705 BC (not attested to)
Sennacherib 705-681 BC 717-710 BC
Esarhaddon 681-669 BC 710-668 BC
Assur-bani-pal 669-627 BC 668-648 BC ("Saosduchinos")
Ashur-etil-ilani 627-612 BC 648-626 BC ("Kineladanos", "Saraco", "Saracen")
Ashur-uballit II 612-609 BC (not attested to)


  • Ussher tells us that Nabopolassar and Astyages jointly attacked and laid waste to Nineveh in 626 BC. Ussher is silent on Ashur-uballit II, whom the Wikipedia describes as a king-in-exile.
  • Scripture gives no warrant for a Sargon II reigning between Shalmaneser V and Sennacherib. Ussher (pgh. 642) specifically identifies this Sargon with Sennacherib. A modern historian (see below) presents a detailed independent analysis that makes the same claim.
  • Concerning kings "not mentioned" by Ussher: The first King of Assyria to bear any mention in the Annals is Ashur-Dan III, also known as Anabaxares, also known as Pul.

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