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Ron Samec

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Ronald G. Samec

Ronald George Samec is a creation scientist and educator with specialization in Astronomy and Physics. He is currently a professor at Bob Jones University,[1] and on the board of directors for the Creation Research Society[2] where he has served since 2001.[3]

Ron has a BA in Astronomy from the University of South Florida, an MA in Science Education from the University of South Florida, and a PhD in Physics from Clemson University.[1]

Ronald Samec
Bob Jones University
Greenville, SC 29614

Work History

Over the years, he has spent time studying variations of stars. Photoelectric, and CCD photometry and spectroscopy and analysis of light and radial velocity curves of neglected eclipsing binary systems. Synthetic light curve techniques. Star spot modeling in close binary systems, Studying Contact and Near Contact Solar-type Eclipsing Binaries and Eclipsing Binary Stars as tests of Relativistic Gravity. Mr. Samec has gone on to teach on a variety of subjects in his interest spectrum. He spent time working in schools teaching physics, astronomy 1 and 2, as well as mechanics. Before that, he was the public observatory director in a planetarium at Butler University in Indianapolis.[1]

Courses Taught at Bob Jones University:

  • Experimental Physics
  • Observational Astronomy
  • Optics
  • Optics Lab
  • Physical Science Lab
  • Physics Survey
  • Research in Astronomy
  • Solar System Astronomy
  • Solar System Astronomy Lab
  • Stellar & Galactic Astronomy
  • Stellar & Galactic Astronomy Lab
  • Theoretical & Applied Mechanics I
  • Theoretical & Applied Mechanics II[1]

Professional Data


  • PhD, Physics, Clemson University
  • MA, Science Education, University of South Florida
  • BA, Astronomy, University of South Florida


  • American Association of Physics Teachers, 1987-2011
  • American Astronomical Society, 1987-2011
  • American Physical Society, 1987-2011
  • Creation Research Society, 1976-2011
  • International Astronomical Union, 1987-2011
  • Sigma Pi Sigma--Physics Honor Society, 1985-2020


Ronald Samec has published well over 50 articles in a variety of secular journals, as well as at least 34 articles published in the Informational Bulletin on Variable Stars.



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