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Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship

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Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship is an organization made up of Biblical creationists. These people have already come to know and receive Christ as their Lord and Savior. They base this program on the fact that God created the heavens and the earth out of nothing, through Christ. They believe, as it states in the Bible in Genesis, that the entire creation of the universe took six consecutive, twenty-four hour days. They have found that there is logical, scientific evidence proving the Bible to be true. One of their other main standpoints is that the universe is very young, 10,000 years or less. This foundation is used for purposes of strengthening Christians with the ability to fight back evolutionist views with good scientific facts and evidence. They help contrast the views of those who have taught that evolution is fact and those who believe in theistic evolution, where God used evolution to bring about man. Neither of these views are supported by Biblical scripture. They have faith in God's word and choose to believe that the Bible is the final authority for all of their beliefs. Their mission is to find people who will educate and proclaim God's Word and the creation of the universe in six, twenty-four hour days. [1]

Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship
R.O. Box 3451
Littleton, CO 80161
Phone: (303) 525-5500

Statement of Belief

This shows a portion of RMCF's statement of belief. In order to view the entire statement, please click on the following link. Statement of Belief

Science and the Bible: The Bible is the basis of all our beliefs about the universe that we live in. It is the final authority for all our beliefs about man and the universe and that the true facts of science can only support the Bible. If what the Bible clearly teaches conflicts with what science states, we choose the Bible's explanations and will wait for science to catch up. All science must be interpreted in the light of the true word of God [2]


Dr. Ed Boudreaux has recently been elected the new president of RMCF. He had spent 29 years in graduate and undergraduate teaching and research at the University of New Orleans. His expertise includes inorganic and theoretical chemistry, chemical physics, and creation science. As a Creation Scientist since 1976, he served as an expert witness for the Louisiana Balanced Treatment Law and has 28 years experience as president of the Origins Resource Association for Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf Coast.


In order to help promote their cause, RMCF produces a bimonthly newsletter for its members. In each newsletter it contains articles based on creation and creation science. They give summaries of past meetings and speaker lectures. The schedule of events and lists of the speakers that are in Colorado and Front Range Area can also be found in these reports. [3]

Meetings are generally scheduled for the second Friday of every month, at 7:00 P.M.. The meetings are open to the public. During these meetings creation speakers are invited to present their views on different topics, though all relating to creation. The meetings are held at Bethlehem Lutheran Church (Just north of the intersection of 20th and Wadsworth). [4]

One major outreach program they have running is providing creation speakers to other organizations. These speakers can present lectures or debates to the audiences. Upon request, they will set up a local RMCF speaker to make an appearance at a church, school, or organization. [5]

Members can borrow books, tapes, and videos from the RMCF library.

The annual membership rate for RMCF is a donation of $20 or more for an entire family per year. [6]

Creation Weekend

Every year Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship participates in an annual event called Creation Weekend. They celebrate this in honor of the anniversary of Creation, more currently known as the Jewish New Year or Rosh Hashanah. The weekend before is when the actual workshop is held. This weekend seminar was created to help people gain the knowledge to best equip them in defending their faith against evolution. It is open to all teenagers and adults. There are various presentations from different creation speakers who teach about different aspects of creation. These presentations can be listened to on their website through this link Presentations. The workshop provides hands-on activities where people can visualize what is being explained to them during the presentations. They also take time to celebrate Adam's, from Genesis, birthday with a cake for everyone to share. This past year's Creation Weekend held three different sessions. The first was a presentation on 'Archaeological Dig' and the analysis of the artifacts discovered and how they relate to creation. The second was on 'Evolution Deception' by Lou DeGraves. The third was 'God's Language of Life' where Bill Browning talked about examining amino acid handedness information theory and the intelligence of DNA codes. [7]