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Racism—Is There an Answer?

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Racism i.jpg


By Carl Kerby (2003)

45 minutes (Jr. High - Adult)

Searching for answers to one of the greatest challenges of our day? Carl Kerby sheds light from God's Word and from real science on the truth about so-called "races" we all share a common ancestor in Adam! Show this video at church, Sunday school or Bible study, and you'll see lives transformed by exciting answers from Genesis!

About the speaker: Carl Kerby has an amazing story. The son of a professional wrestler, raised in a liberal church, he was steeped in the ways of the world. But the Lord used a "chance"encounter with two creationist pilots to change his life forever. An air traffic controller by trade, Carl has become one of the most dynamic creation speakers in America, passionately proclaiming the authority of God's Word from the very first verse.


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