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Raamah (Hebrew: רעמה, Rāʻmāh; "Name means::thunder") was the fourth son of Cush, according to Genesis 10:7 .


We know from the inscriptions of ancient Sheba that Raamah's descendants settled near to the land of Havilah to the east of Ophir. The country Raamah is described by The New Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible as a country of the Arabian Peninsula, and Sheba, a son of Raamah and his country, its countrymen commonly being referred to as the Sabaeans, was posited on the southwestern side of the Peninsula and cited as Yemen. Notably, the Yemenis are dark-skinned as are the descendants of their progenitor's eponymous grandfather, Cush, commonly translated in the Bible as Ethiopia, meaning black.

Ramaah had two sons, Sheba and Dedan, also mentioned in Genesis 10:7 .

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