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R. L. Wysong

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Dr. R. L. Wysong is a veterinarian who has taught as a professor of human anatomy. He is the author of The Creation-Evolution Controversy, a fairly comprehensive book which has been credited with being the least rancorous in tone of those written from a creationist perspective. [1] Wysong is a former evolutionist which may be a reason the book is less rancorous in tone than many.

Wysong's book, The Creation-Evolution Controversy has been used in a secular university setting as a textbook to teach about the creation/evolution subject due to its comprehensiveness and scholarly tone. Currently the book is available through Dr. Wysong's company. [2]

R. L. Wysong
7550 Eastman Avenue
Midland, MI 48642-7779
Phone: 1-989-631-0009