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Quotes should be used sparingly, and clearly identified using quotation marks or indentations to distinguish the material from other text. Properly formatted citations for the quote must also be included.

Longer quotations may be better rendered using one of the available templates. Indented style can be easily created by starting the first line with a colon or by using <blockquote> </blockquote> notation, which indents both left and right margins.

Indented quotations generally do not need to be marked by quotation marks. Double quotation marks belong at the beginning of each paragraph in a quotation of multiple paragraphs not using indented style, though at the end of only the last paragraph. There is normally no need to put quotations in italics unless the material would otherwise call for italics (emphasis, use of non-English words, etc.).

With quotation marks we split the difference between American and British usage. Though not a rigid rule, we use the "double quotes" for most quotations—they are easier to read on the screen—and use 'single quotes' for nesting quotations, that is, "quotations 'within' quotations".

Note: if a word or phrase appears in an article with single quotes, such as 'abcd', the searching facility considers the single quotes to be part of the word and will find that word or phrase only if the search string is also within single quotes. Avoiding this complication is an additional reason to use double quotes, for which the difficulty does not arise. It may even be a reason to use double quotes for quotations within quotations.


Quotes have been compiled for a number of creation science topics.


The following templates are suitable for quotes.

The {{address}} template is used to create a centered grey box suitable for containing contact information.
The {{quote}} template creates a blue box that is suitable for quotes.
The {{cquote}} template creates quote text within a blockquote structure but with better looking quotation marks.
The {{greybox}} template is used to create a grey box for use on Bible quotes and other info.
The {{Bible ref}} template sets up the external link to BibleGateway for quoting chapter and verse out of any book of the Bible, in any version in any language. Use it without a verse parameter to quote entire chapters.
The {{Bible quote}} template creates a grey box that is the preferred format for quoting scripture. The template also incorporates the Template:Bible ref for linking the quoted scripture to BibleGateway.

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