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Question evolution! campaign

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The Question evolution! campaign is a grassroots movement founded by Creation Ministries International. The goal of the campaign is to question the validity of the anti-Christian idea of evolution and to convince people to stop believing the lie that life and its origin do not require God. It encourages people to stand up to the rampant and detrimental indoctrination that schools, the media, and secularized society promote and the distressing "there is no need for God" mentality. The Traditional Values Coalition speaks on behalf of more than 43,000 churches and promotes the campaign which has the symbol of notorious anti-God "naturalist" Charles Darwin's head crossed out by a red empty set sign. Question evolution! is expected to dramatically reduce the number of atheists and evolutionists around the world.

One main aspect of the campaign is its "15 critically important questions that evolutionists cannot adequately answer." These are questions posed by the campaign that utterly stump darwinists because of the lack of evidence and credibility the pseudoscientific theory of evolution has. The questions, in summary, are:

  1. How did life with specifications for hundreds of proteins originate just by chemistry without intelligent design?
  2. How did the DNA code originate?
  3. How could copying errors (mutations) create 3 billion letters of DNA instructions to change a microbe into a microbiologist?
  4. Why is natural selection taught as ‘evolution’ as if it explains the origin of the diversity of life?
  5. How did new biochemical pathways, which involve multiple enzymes working together in sequence, originate?
  6. Living things look like they were designed, so how do evolutionists know that they were not designed?
  7. How did multi-cellular life originate?
  8. How did sex originate?
  9. Why are the (expected) countless millions of transitional fossils missing?
  10. How do ‘living fossils’ remain unchanged over supposed hundreds of millions of years?
  11. How did blind chemistry create mind/intelligence, meaning, altruism and morality?
  12. Why is evolutionary ‘just-so’ story-telling tolerated as ‘science’?
  13. Where are the scientific breakthroughs due to evolution?
  14. Why is evolution, a theory about history, taught as if it is the same as the operational science?
  15. Why is a fundamentally religious idea, a dogmatic belief system that fails to explain the evidence, taught in science classes?

CMI offers shirts, hats and caps, bags, mugs, stickers or badges with Question evolution! phrases as a way to demonstrate support for the successful and quickly-spreading campaign and to show opposition to disgraceful, flimsy evolutionary dogma. This, in combination with the campaign tracts presented in easy to read pamphlet form, are the main ways CMI gets its message and influence spread.

The campaign is predominantly in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa.

Question evolution! has already become a powerful force not only in the United States but throughout the world and is expected by its founders and proponents to gain momentum as it converts misguided atheists and evolutionists to the truth.

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