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Project Creation

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Project Creation, a Creation Education Ministry.

Project Creation exists as an educational and resource ministry to help Christians educate and empower themselves to oppose the humanist/evolutionist establishment and philosophy. Directed by Sean Meek, Project Creation provides seminars all over the country to inform and empower those who wish to defend their faith effectively.

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Sean Meek, executive director of Project Creation.

Project Creation is an educational ministry that provides resources for Christians to defend their faith, primarily in the Biblical account of Genesis. Based in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Project Creation is directed by Sean Meek, a public speaker on the subjects of Creation, the Flood, and biblical geology. Mr. Meek travels nationally to schools and churches to provide seminars like "Creation is the Foundation," "The Curse of Compromise," and "Including Creation in the Curriculum and God's Revelation in Science and the Bible." Originally a public school teacher, Sean Meek began Project Creation in 1992 to spread the message of biblical literalism all around the country.[1] Project Creation remains a multifaceted ministry, offering Sunday school materials for young believers and professional articles on difficult subjects such as Creation and the Flood. Additionally, the Project Creation websites displays several short articles regarding paleontology, the fossil record, and dinosaurs; these passages are designed to quickly educate and inspire critical minds, and additional links are provided to deepen the research of these subjects.

In addition to these materials and resources, Project Creation retains a Traveling Museum of Creation and History. Upon request, Project Creation brings several exhibits of "days of Creation, the Flood, the Ice Age, dinosaurs and much more. It shows how the real scientific and historical information supports the Genesis account of Creation. The Museum includes many authentic antiquities from the ancient world and reveals in a dramatic and visual manner the grandeur of God's creation."[2] This traveling museum is widely recognized in the Creation apologetics field and is regarded as a very informative, authentic Creation museum in the United States.[3]

Ark Museum and Dinosaur Park

Project Creation envisions and is making preparations for an Ark Museum and Dinosaur Park. The museum building will be a one-third scale model of Noah's ark and will display a walk-through history from Creation to present. There will also be a book store and hands-on science activities. Near the museum will lie a multi-acre nature center with full scale dinosaur models, explanatory displays, and various flora and fauna to explore and appreciate as God's handiwork.[4]

In 2000, Sean Meek filed a lawsuit against Kenneth Neal, Judy Pratt, Pamela Sandoval, Brenda Williams, W.G. Neal, Jack Pratt, Jr., Hugo Sandoval, and Albert Williams, Jr., who wrote a letter to the editor of a local newspaper opposing Meek's proposed use of this Ark Museum and Dinosaur Park land. Though Meek already owned this land, the defendants claimed Meek used deception to gain the original zoning rights by not mentioning its religion foundations. In court, the judge found that Meek's libel action was filed for an improper purpose and lacked a factual basis. The defendants claimed Meek was harassing them unmeritedly for exercising first amendment rights. The court awarded the defendants $9,262.90 in expenses and attorney fees.[5] Though this lawsuit has not ceased Meek's project, opposition and loss of money have stunted its growth. The Ark Museum and Dinosaur Park remain in planning stages.


Sean Meek teaches a seminar on flora and fauna.
Meek points to these 2000 year old Peruvian burial stones as proof that dinosaurs lived alongside humans in the past.

"If [evolutionists] convince people that dinosaurs are exotic, strange creatures, they've won right there, and the Bible looks like a book of Jewish fairy tales." - Sean Meek.[6]

Sean Meek features several articles on the Project Creation website on a wide range of subjects and ideas. Animals, modern and extinct, remain a topic of much discussion and exploration. Sean Meek writes most of these articles, which discuss false evolutionary "missing links," a lack of dinosaur transition, unusual animals today, and human interaction with dinosaurs. Mr. Meek explains the Genesis account from a strong literal standpoint, explaining that each day of creation was a 24-hour period, a worldwide flood destroyed every living organism outside Noah's ark, and that this Flood likely caused continental drift.[7] Meek also shows strong evidence that humans and dinosaurs lived simultaneously, a truth recorded in the Bible. In addition, Meek provides much current science discoveries and provides commentary on these findings, including that dinosaurs may have been warm-blooded.[8]

Project Creation effectively answers the primary question of defending one's faith -- Why it matters. Sean Meek points to intentional ignorance on the part of naturalists to evidence of design. "Gaps in the fossil record, bioturbidity, the amount of helium in the atmosphere are things that most people don’t think or care much about and yet the issues involved in the origin controversy make a difference in all of our lives." The phrase knowledge is power epitomizes Project Creation, proclaiming that correct observation of Creation will inevitably lead to evidence of God's design.[9]

"Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." -2 Timothy 2:15


Sean Meek, featured in this episode of Journey Thru Creation, discusses dinosaurs and their testament to intelligent design.


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