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A, A fossil whale was found vertically through several strata The Bible is inerrant (Talk.Origins), A freshly killed seal was C14 dated at 1300 years old (Talk.Origins), A petrified hammer was found in Cretaceous rocks (Talk.Origins), Abiogenesis, Abiogenesis and ozone, Abortion, Absolute dating, Adaptation, All human fossils would fit on a billiard table (Talk.Origins), Altruism, Ambulocetus, Amino acids aren't generated from just CO2, nitrogen, and water (Talk.Origins), The Annals of the World, Anticreation, Archaeopteryx, Archaeopteryx is fully bird (Talk.Origins), Astronomical dating, Australopithecus, Australopithecus afarensis, Australopithecus africanus, Average soil depth is consistent with young earth (Talk.Origins), B, Bacterial flagella are irreducibly complex (Talk.Origins), Big bang, Biological evolution, C, Carbon-14 dating, Charles Darwin, Cladistics, Common descent, Cosmic chronology, Creation vs. Evolution, Creation vs. evolution poll, Cro-Magnon man, D, Darwin recanted on his deathbed (Talk.Origins), Darwin's finches, Darwin's finches show only microevolution (Talk.Origins), Darwin's Illness, Darwinism, Dating methods, E, Endosymbiosis, Ernst Haeckel, Eugene Dubois, Eugenie Scott, Euthanasia, Evolution, Evolution in popular culture, Evolution myths, Evolution requires as much faith as creationism (Talk.Origins), Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, Evolutionary boundary, Evolutionary psychology, Evolutionary simulation, Evolutionism, Evolutionists, Exogenesis, Expanding earth theory, Extinction, F, Fission-track dating, G, Galapagos Islands, Genetic variability, Geochronology, Geologic ages, Gradualism, H, Haldane's dilemma, Helium diffusion, History of evolutionism, Hofmeyr man, Homo antecessor, Homo erectus, Homo ergaster, Homo habilis, Homo heidelbergensis, Homology, Human migration, Human races, Hypercycle, I, Icons of Evolution: Science or Myth, Icons of Evolution: Science or Myth?, J, Java Man, John Scopes, M, Macroevolution, Microevolution, Modern evolutionary synthesis, N, Natural selection, Naturalism, Neanderthals, Nebraska Man, Nebula theory, No Answers in Genesis, P, Paleoanthropology, Panspermia, Peking Man, Peppered moth, Phylogenetic tree, Piltdown Man, Pleistocene, Principles of Geology, Punctuated Equilibrium, Q, Questions evolution can't answer, R, Recapitulation, Refuting Evolution, Refuting Evolution 2, Reverse adaptation, Richard Dawkins, S, A Scientific Dissent From Darwinism, Secularization, Sexual selection, Social darwinism, Speciation, Species, Speed of light, Spontaneous generation, Star formation, Stellar evolution, Stephen Jay Gould, Supernova remnant, T, The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex, The Lie: Evolution, The Naked Ape, Theistic evolution argument, Theory of evolution, Thomas Huxley, Transitional forms, V, Vestigial organ,