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Phut (Hebrew: פוט, Pūṭ; Greek: Φουδ, Phoud; "Name means::a bow"), also known as Put, was the third son of son of::Ham, according to Genesis 10:6 .


Y-Chromosomal Haplogroup E1a. Josephus writes, "Phut also was the founder of Libya, and called the inhabitants Phutites, from himself: there is also a river in the country of Moors which bears that name; whence it is that we may see the greatest part of the Grecian historiographers mention that river and the adjoining country by the appellation of Phut: but the name it has now has been by change given it from one of the sons of Mesraim [Mizraim], who was called Lybyos [perhaps Ludim, or "Lubim"]."[1] The Libya mentioned is not identical to the modern day country of Libya, as both Pliny the Elder[2] and Ptolemy[3] place the river Phuth on the west side of Mauretania (modern Morocco). Ptolemy also mentions a city called Putea in Libya.[4] This is likewise indicated in the biblical account where it is said that "Phut and the Libyans [Lubim]" were the helpers of Egypt.[5] Phut, therefore, can be identified as the ancestor of the Libyans and other Berber peoples.

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